IntroducingThe Volatility DAOracle

What does the Volatility DAOracle do?

Open Sources Methodologies

All methodologies are open-sourced. This allows anyone to learn how calculations are done.

Open Sources Implementation

Open-source code is created from the methodology and verified by the DAO.

Audits Indices and Benchmarks

Complex calculations are audited using an optimistic oracle. This insures that the methodology and implementation match.

Publishes On-Chain

An artifact of the audit is that the value of an index or benchmark is published on-chain.


New methodologies and system-wide parameters are added with the approval of the DAO. Anyone can contribute.

Rewards Contributors

Anyone can submit values on-chain for a reward. This incentivizes frequent audits.

Rewards Disputers

Anyone can dispute a published value and win a reward if they can prove the value is incorrect.

Rewards Stakers

Earn rewards by staking in insurance pools. Stakers actively protect the bonds used in the optimistic oracle.

Learn more. Join the community!

Learn more. Join the community!

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Read the Docs

Curious about the specifics? Read our documentation which provides a more explicit understanding of the DAOracle.


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